Pix and Media from 2019 Jan 27 MMI Multi Media Improv Recital Event

This is the continuation of our MultiMedia fun projects!

Performers mix their pieces with videos, compose pieces, improv songs on site and we had fun in inviting audience members to improv and jam some pieces with our teachers and senior students. It’s an inspirational and memorable piano event. Thanks for attending!

Some pictures here

YouTube playlist – ongoing…

iPractice workshop II – Oliveland exclusive event

Parent / student meeting

What is this workshop about:
Success at piano is all about team works. 
Sometime it’s difficult for parents demanding kids to practice especially if the parent is already very busy and don’t know how to help. Yet parents are is only coach at home to guard the progress of their kids in piano.
Our informal parents meeting/ workshop will be this coming Sunday 3/3 at 1:00 to 2:15 pm at the studio.
We will:
– address various issues in practicing and how to set practical goals to be successful. 
– sources and ways to organize, collect and build up music repertoire
– discover some more creative practice patterns building on the fun items we did last time.
– ABRSM test judge criteria updates

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