For students

2016 trombone apr

Updated: August 19, 2018

  •  Please pick up your prizes if you have participated in the Q & A time in June Presentation Recital. Name list posted in the studio.
  • Now it’s the perfect time to submit your total practicing minutes and 30 pieces challenge paper.
  • new studio calendar will be out next week

Some helpful practice cubes (daily music time at home):

1. Repeated smart practice on particular difficult problematic spots (marked with highlighting tapes) 5 times – 15 times per practice. You could try multiple times per day esp during summer.

2. Regularly follow metronome.

3. Continuing using Hanon and Czerny op. 299 and 740 to warm up

4. Frustrated? Stuck? Go to YouTube and listen to lots of music. YouTube esp. Spotify. This is a cool channel to listen to:

5. Always try tapping the pieces’ rhythm (hands separately and both hands) AND ‘sing’ the melodies. Incorporate different elements in learning a new piece.

7. Imagine. Make up a story. Find out the composers background. Make the learning time an 3D experience.

8. more to come….